November 2nd, 2013 to November 10th,

Step #1
Make sure your phone
number(s) is registered
with HelloBOLO

Step #2
Dial the local access
number of your city.

Step #3
Listen to your account balance
and dial your long distance number
followed by the pound (#) key.


HelloBOLO is a unique prepaid long-distance service, brought to you by Canada’s leading telecom provider BABATEL

With the HelloBOLO service, you no longer need to enter in PIN numbers or passwords

HelloBOLO will recognize any existing number you currently use, as an account identifier

You can recharge and trace your account details online 24/7


No Expiry

No Hidden charges

Free long distance 1 touch dialing

Live Customer Service 7 Days a week

Use it from Home, Mobile or Business

    Welcome Rates
Canada/USA 1.0¢   
Afghanistan 17.5¢   
Australia 1.0¢   
China 1.0¢   
Germany 1.0¢   
Ghana 19.9¢   
Guyana Digicel 7.9¢   
Hong Kong 1.9¢   
India 1.0¢   
Iran 7.9¢   
Italy 1.0¢   
Jamaica 12.9¢   
Mexico 1.0¢    
Netherlands 1.0¢   
Nigeria 3.9¢   
Pakistan 8.9¢   
Philippines 8.9¢   
Poland 1.0¢   
Portugal 1.0¢   
UK 1.0¢   

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